If you are looking for a new agency to support your operation – look no further! You’ve found us!

If you are looking for a new recruitment agency to support your operation – look no further! You’ve found us!

If you’re a transport company, logistics company, haulage company or warehouse operation, you’re looking for highly motivated staff members who demonstrate initiative, flexibility, attention to detail and strong interpersonal skills that will spur your operation to work at its best.

LSN makes it easy to attract, locate and hire the most qualified professionals to fill these crucial roles. We look at each individual job and customise our recruitment approach to find the professional who best fits the requirements of the role and the overall needs of your business. Give yourself responsive staffing solutions, including the ability to meet increased demand amid peak periods or cover staffing shortages during holidays or other intervals when your business is in flux.

Our team comes with extensive industry experience and a deep understanding of the local market, including compliance and regulatory needs. We screen candidates thoroughly and provide them with the instruction and preparation to succeed within your workplace. Get in touch with LSN to learn more about our recruitment service and find the professionals you’re seeking.

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