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The preferred, independent supplier of staffing solutions. 

The preferred, independent supplier of staffing solutions, dedicated to looking after clients and candidates alike.

Logistics Support Network exists to help businesses fulfil their staffing requirements and to provide work for candidates within the Midlands area. LSN strives to provide a more personable and professional service than any of the other logistics recruitment agencies in the country. Our founders, Tina and Holly, launched LSN out of a passion for forging relationships within the transport and recruitment sectors. They live to provide logistics professionals with exciting, career-advancing job opportunities that fulfil their goals and ambitions.

Logistic Support Network works with companies of all sizes, supplying staff who are qualified, licensed, trained and dedicated to delivering top-quality service that meets even the most niche job requirements. We provide innovative, bespoke solutions from flexible, temporary staff to permanent placement for roles like HGV & van drivers, drivers mates, warehouse operatives and forklift drivers, transport managers, ops managers, transport planners, transport supervisors and more.

With 15 years of industry experience, our director Tina has held her Class 1 licence since 1986 and has worked as an HGV Class 1 Driver both in the UK and Europe. Holly brings a decade of industry experience and has received her CIPD Level 5 and her CertRP. LSN are members of Disability Confidence Committed, the FCSA Supply Chain Charter and recipients of the Armed Forces Covenant Bronze Award. We look forward to meeting and serving as your go-to logistics recruitment agency.

Meet the Team

Holly Burton

Holly Burton Assoc. CIPD CertRP

Hello, my name is Holly and I have been with Logistics Support Network since day one.

I am one of the Directors at LSN and areas that I share responsibility for include: HR, Finance, Compliance/GDPR, Payroll, Administration & Sales.

I started working in recruitment when I was 19, after securing a Business Administration apprenticeship with a well-known high street recruiter, working on one of their on-site operations at Magna Park. I absolutely loved my time on-site and really enjoyed this role. My favourite elements were being in the mix with client and candidates and building long lasting relationships. After completing my apprenticeship, I was offered a full time role as the onsite coordinator. From here, I moved into the Driving sector, working for a couple of other well-known agencies. It was at one of these roles that I met Tina. If only I knew then, what I knew now!!

I started LSN with Tina when I was 22, born from a shared vision to deliver a better, more personable service than the organisations we had worked at previously. LSN and Tina have been with me through a whole series of life changing times and events. I have matured alongside my role at LSN and it’s definitely carved the way for where I am now, allowing me to gain both my accreditations in Recruitment (CertRP) and HR (Assoc. CIPD). I am now currently undertaking a Data Technician Apprenticeship through LSN, which is helping me to gain new skills and gain a better understanding of how we can manipulate data to make change in the business.

In my spare time, I am a very avid reader; my idea of a good day out is a trip to the local libraries or a book shop. I like to work out at home and take my two dogs for walks with my Wife. I enjoy video games & learning new skills and topics through online courses, I am a very proficient cook (or I like to think so!).  I enjoy undertaking home improvement projects and creating art. I also have a wide group of friends and a large family, who I spend time with regularly.

I also hold a voluntary role as an Enterprise Advisor with LLEP, assisting an SEND school with their careers strategy. This involves roughly 4-6 meetings per year, virtually or face to face with governors, LLEP representatives & teachers from the school. I help to build relationships between the school and local businesses for assistance with careers days, advice, work experience placements and much more.

Tina Hawkins

Tina Hawkins

My name is Tina Hawkins, I am one of the Directors of Logistics Support Network, and started the company with my colleague Holly Burton in 2016.

I passed my HGV in the 1980’s when lady drivers were very far and few between. I actively used my HGV licence, driving all over Europe for over 5 years, delivering to the likes of Spain, Gibraltar, Portugal, and even Tangier.

Once my wandering feet found me back on home soil, I took work as an Agency driver, working for a number of blue chip companies, before ending up at Woolworth’s where for a while my claim to fame being their only lady driver, I was offered a full time role after a few years and took the opportunity.

Once a permanent employee I wanted to learn Transport from all sides, so I trained as a Transport Debrief clerk, and then went on to becoming a Transport Team Supervisor, which lead me to take on the Compliance Managers role.

Once Woolworth closed I went on to being a Transport Team Manager for another Wincanton site, which was a new start up, in Northampton, there I learnt new skills, like planning and scheduling.

Recruitment called, and an Agency who I had drove for previously offered me a role as a Recruitment consultant, which then took me into a different side of Transport, and during this time I became an Account Manager for a number of large clients supporting them all over the Country.

Here new skills were learnt, in how to plan drivers into work, learning that communication is the key to a good driver/agency relationship on both sides, and how drivers depend on agencies for their ongoing livelihood, and how agencies equally depend on drivers to support their clients.

I was then offered a role building a driving desk down South, and as I was born in Dorset, I thought this would be a good move and although challenging, at times, I missed the transport vibe of the Midlands and after a short while returned.

I met my wonderful colleague Holly who was working for the same agency which I had taken an Account Manager role with, and it was one day, when we saw how both drivers, clients and their own staff were treated that we decided with our combined skills we could definitely offer a better service to both driver and client and so when the opportunity to start Logistics Support Network came up, both Holly and I took the leap and LSN was born.

My home life is just as busy, I have 4 grown up children of my own 4 step grown up children and to count 15 grandchildren, so I like nothing more than chilling and relaxing. I live in an American 5th wheeler, own a touring caravan, and whenever possible I take off with my partner Bruce for a bit of exploring.

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